Example Activity – Love Brixton!

This video is a result of an activity you can do with your students. It is called “Through the lens of….” and it is fairly simple. Keep reading to see the video and read the instructions for the activity.

Through the lens of…. – great activity about sustainability

If you want to activate your students, try this challenging activity which includes photography and/or video. It is especially recommended for creative people, but it can be done just by anyone who has a mobile phone with a camera. Special equipment is not necessary, any digital device is enough.

Steps – Through the lens of…

  1. Prepare cards with different roles – e.g. a “tourist”, “business person”, “single mother/father”, “environmental activist”, “politician”, “homeless person”,….  or you can ask students to choose their own roles.
  2. Tell your students to set off to the given area (your city, village, different districts etc.). They should try to take photos/record videos which would capture the area from the viewpoint of the given role. How would e.g. “politician” see the area? Are there visible sings of any sustainability/eco-friendly projects which were initiated by the local council? Are there any environmental problems which local government has neglected? etc.
  3. Set time limit and give students instructions about submitting their results – e.g. an email address where to send the photos or data storage (Google Drive, DropBox) where to upload them.
  4. Ask students to briefly present their results – show photos/videos and comment on them.

You may even publish the results on social networks etc.

Love Brixton – example outcome of this activity

Brixton (one of the districts in London) through eyes of an environmental activist.