// Sustaenable workshop for teachers took place in April in London. Two of its participants wrote their impressions and would like to share it with you. In this post, read about their experience and lesson they learned there.

Sustaenble workshop – Sole’s impressions :

Positive, more than positive they have been useful and practical. Those five days gave me the opportunity to show our work, to share our points of view, fears and doubts. It was very gratifying to have the feeling that I was actually a part of an international project whose main goal was to offer teaching and learning material to make all of us (students and teachers) think and act, and we were doing something practical. For me the key word was “tools”. Tools to teach Spanish and to make people and myself reflect about what is going on in our planet. And in London it was not only a “project” or “ideas”, it was real: we already had materials which had been pre-tested and the conclusions were in general positive, we also created new activities. I felt proud of being part of this project.

Cati’s impressions:

After more than a year working on this project we took part in this workshop. Apart from the teachers involved in the creation of the activities we had the chance to work with other teachers who had piloted them. This made it really interesting and purposeful because 1) we could see the project form a different perspective, 2) we could see how the final outcome has been emerging and has taken shape 3) we also had a clear global overview of the subtopics of the project apart from the one of sustainability. These subtopics are the role of teachers versus tutors, the introduction of the activities in our schedule and how to combine them with our textbook, 4) we got feedback from other teachers 5) we created new activities 6) we worked on the accessibility, usability and the dissemination of the project 7) we even had the chance to go out into the streets of London to see it through a “sustainable lens”.

From my point of view some of the most important conclusions were the realization that we should view this topic from a more positive perspective and also make our webpage more user-friendly. The former made me realize about the need of accepting the coexistence between the miseries of our world and the things we can do to become more self-aware and thus start to change the way in which perceive reality and finally start to live differently. To take this reality and this debate into our classrooms is a purposeful goal.

Finally, I have to mention that as a teacher I have learned many things that range from collaborating with and learning from other teachers, creating activities, learning classroom strategies and organization. All this mainly deals with the role of the teacher as a facilitator moving away from teacher-centered lessons. It has been an incredibly enriching personal experience shaped through an international perspective. This is why I want to thank all those involved in it.