Focus on Project Partners #1 – City of London Corporation, UK

Project SustAEnable has brought together 6 partner institutions. Would you like to know more about them? This article focuses on City of London Corporation (CoL) from UK. Among others, they organize some very interesting activities. Contiune reading to learn the details.

City of London Corporation

The City of London Corporation is an ancient institution, over 1000 years old. It is located in The Guildhall at the heart of London’s ‘square mile’ financial district. One of its major roles is as the City’s public Local Authority responsible for a range of public services such as housing, culture and adult education.

The ‘square mile’

CoL’s is currently working in partnership with other London authorities on a project called ‘Speaking English with Confidence’ (SpEC) which has set up language learning clubs all over London to help 10,000 people with the most basic language skills improve their English. (Nearly 2 million of 8.6 million Londoners do not speak English as their first language and 48,000 speak little or no English at all).   SpEC clubs are based in the community – in libraries, schools, places of worship and other community organisations. Trained volunteers facilitate the clubs for 10-15 learners for 2 hours each week. The clubs focus on different topics depending on what learners want, these include health, ICT, employment, shopping, transport and fun!

SpEC has created a toolkit to help other organisations set up a club which includes a guide for volunteer club facilitators. You can download it here:

Most recently, learners at the SpEC club in the City of London’s Barbican library have been discussing sustainability and testing some of the activities for the SustAEnable project.   Learners were enthusiastic saying that they enjoyed using a subject of real interest and importance to practice their language skills on.