Sustaenable faqs

How to introduce the topic of sustainability to your students?

Why is it a good idea to include sustainability into language classroom?

How can I make my own activities about sustainability?

Find answers to these and other questions in our “Teacher’s Guide” or simply, Sustaenable FAQs – frequently asked questions. This brief e-book offers information and suggestions for adult education teachers, tutors and other staff on how to use the SustAEnable teaching and learning materials. It includes:

  • Definition of sustainability
  • Warm ups and Ice breakers for fresh strart of the lessons
  • Tips on using SustAEnable activities in the classroom
  • Practical information on the exercises (e.g. length of tasks)
  • Examples of how to transfer SustAEnable activities to different subjects


SustAEnable FAQs / Teacher’s guide is available in PDF format in 5 languages. Download your copy now – it is completely FREE!